As California Disaster Healthcare Volunteers and members of the campus disaster response plan, the BMRC believes that is paramount to be prepared for any large scale disaster. Each semester, we hold an MCI (Mass Casualty Incident) drill modeled after a real-life scenario such as an earthquake or active shooter. Each semester's drill involves around 80 EMTs and twice the number of patients, which allows our members to practice triage, transport, and treatment of disaster victims when medical resources are thin.


Throughout the semester, the BMRC provides medical coverage for all large campus and community events. This includes all major sporting events such as football games, basketball games, cycling events, martial arts meets, and many other athletic competitions. We also volunteer at large performances and presentations taking place on campus, and provide first aid at Cal Day every year. In the community, we have volunteered at events such as the San Francisco Marathon and Bay to Breakers. These events allow us to serve the community and provide opportunities for our members to gain hands-on medical experience.


Throughout the semester, the BMRC has weekly member trainings. These meetings allow members to practice existing skills and to learn new skills to stay updated on the lasted EMS protocols to ensure that we are prepared for any situation. We want to make sure that all members are able to provide excellent medical care to every patient that we encounter.

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