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About Us!

Berkeley Medical Reserve Corps (BMRC) is a volunteer organization of EMTs on the UC Berkeley campus. We volunteer at many campus events, practice disaster preparedness, and participate in several public health initiatives.

Med Ops

Provide medical coverage at football, basketball, hockey, and many other campus events such as Cal Day and Graduation.

Disaster Preparedness

We hold a MCI drill to ensure our EMTs are capable of providing rapid triage and treatment in the event of a large incident. We are prepared to respond to disaster events.

Public Health 

We teach CPR, First Aid, and Stop the Bleed classes to the community. More information found under Public Health Programs. 

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Our History

The Berkeley Medical Reserve Corps (BMRC) is a volunteer-based, federally deployable responder unit of EMT-Bs on the UC Berkeley campus. We are the first-ever student-run Medical Reserve Corps on the West Coast and are currently sponsored by the UC Berkeley Office of Emergency Management.


BMRC was founded by UC Berkeley student Hilary Tang and officially recognized by the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services in 2014. Before then, it was known as Bear EMS. Since its beginnings, the organization has grown to have hundreds of members and alumni, many of which have gone on to pursue medical school or other endeavors in the healthcare field.  


The Berkeley Medical Reserve Corps is dedicated to improving campus safety by strengthening the University of California, Berkeley’s emergency response, providing peer education, and participating in public health initiatives. Our core values include professionalism, education, and safety. We will protect and ensure the safe and effective treatment of anyone in need of medical services.

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