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Not a certified EMT but want to come learn from our trainings?

Each weeks training topic and location will be posted on our instagram (mrcberkeley) and all Berkeley students are welcome to come sit in!

Application information

Our application for Spring 2024 is now closed. Applications for next Fall 2024 will reopen in August.

The application process is as follows:

  1. Complete the application and...

  2. Attend ONE in-person New Member Testing. Testing includes:

    • Skills Testing, which includes BLS level trauma and medical assessments

    • ​​Physical Assessment (130 lb backboard lift, 150 lb gurney lift w/ partner, 2 minutes chest compressions)

    • Testing will be held on January 29th and 30th!

  3. Attend New Member Academy to complete onboarding

Required documentation will be submitted through the application and includes: Driver's License/ID, BLS CPR for Healthcare Providers card, ICS 100 and 700 certificates, medical license, and an appropriate ID photo taken against a white background.


Membership Eligability

  • Only EMTs, AEMTs, and EMT-Ps from UC Berkeley will be recruited into the BMRC*

  • You may join with only an NREMT certification, pending approval of your CA license

  • UC Berkeley affiliates or alumni residing within any of the nine San Francisco Bay Area Counties may join the BMRC during Fall 2021 even if they intend to primarily reside outside of Berkeley, provided they are able to attend mandatory testing and training in Berkeley.

  • Not an EMT? We encourage you to join Rock Medicine. Learn more about them here


*The BMRC is not currently positioned to support volunteers who hold other medical licenses (RN, MD, DO, PharmD, PsyD, etc.). These prospective volunteers should be diverted to neighboring MRCs, CALMAT, or the County DHV unit. UC Berkeley affiliates or BMRC alumni who now hold additional licenses can maintain membership and involvement


  • Attend ALL new member trainings, ALL general trainings, and semesterly MCI drill

    • Trainings are from 7-9 PM on Mondays OR Tuesdays. You can enroll in our decal to get units for this as well!

  • Be sworn in as a Disaster Service Workers (DSW)

  • Register as a Disaster Healthcare Volunteer (DHV)


  • Work at least three medical events per semester

  • Attend ALL general trainings and the semester's disaster preparedness drill (the MCI) ​​

  • Though not required, we highly recommend one of the following:

    • participate in one ride-along​

    • staff/work three Rock Medicine shifts

    • work on an ambulance or in an ER

    • one of these activities can potentially replace ONE of your mandatory medical events for the semester 


  • All members are expected to participate in the disaster preparedness drill each semester.

  • UC Berkeley students are permitted two absences (with notice) from trainings.

  • Community members who are actively working as medical professionals are not required to attend trainings and are required to work at least one medical event per semester.

  • All members are expected to work at events for which they have signed up. Last-minute cancellations and no-shows are subject to dismissal from the BMRC.

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